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Complete list of Works

Works with Opus Numbers

Op. 1  Duet No. 1
         for Violin and Piano
         (1994)    Duration: 6′

Op. 2  Duet No. 2
         for Violin and Piano
         (1994)    Duration: 5′

Op. 3  Arabesque No. 1
         for Solo Piano
         (1994)    Duration: 5′

Op. 4  Prelude No. 1
         for Solo Piano
         (1994)    Duration: 5′

Op. 5  Trio No. 1
         for Violin, Violoncello and Piano
         (1995)    Duration: 6

Op. 6  Prelude No. 2
     for Solo Piano
     (1995)    Duration: 6′

Op. 7  Qambiez Suite
     Extracted from an Unfinished Opera
     for Orchestra - 3(pic)333/4231/timp/perc (4)/hrp/str
     (1995)    Duration: 7′

Op. 8  Duet No. 3
    for Violin and Piano
    (1995)    Duration: 7′

Op.9 Dark Romance
    for Solo Violoncello and String Orchestra
    (1995)    Duration: 10′

Op.10 Symphony No.1
for Orchestra - 3(pic, alto)333/4331/timp/perc (4)/hrp/str
in three movements
    (1995)    Duration: 40′

Op.11 Song
“I have no wings to fly”
for Male Voice and Orchestra - 11/21/timp/perc (2)/hrp/str
on a poem by Tawfeek Gad
(1995)    Duration: 5′

Op.12 Aria
“When the Bird sings”
    for Tenor and Piano
on a poem by Shenouda Mamdoh
    (1995)    Duration: 6′

Op.13 Two String Quartets
    No.1 in one movement
    (1996)    Duration: 10′
    No.2 in four movements
    (1996)    Duration: 20′

Op.14 Symphonic Poem
“I will break my bonds to dream of freedom”
    for Orchestra - 3(pic, alto)333/4221/timp/perc (6)/hrp/str
(1996)    Duration: 12‘    

Op.15 Fantasy
    for Piano and Orchestra - 3(pic)333/4321/timp/perc (3)/str
(1996)    Duration: 10

Op.16 Trio No.2
    Elegy, in the memory of “Aziz El Shawan”
for Violin, Violoncello and Piano
(1996)    Duration: 6′    

Op.17 Dance
    for Flute and Harp
(1996)    Duration: 6′    

Op.18 Sonata
    for Clarinet and Piano
    in three movements
(1996)    Duration: 14′    

Op.19 Hymn
“The Rain Drops”
for Three Sopranos and Orchestra – 2221/2tpt,2tbn,tba/tmp, perc (4)/hp/ 3sop, SATB Choir/ str
(1996)    Duration: 7′    

Op.20 Sonata
    for Two Pianos
(1997)    Duration: 12′    

Op.21 Six Simple Waltzes
for Solo Piano
   No.1 - The Nile at Sun Set
    (1997)    Duration: 6′   
    No.2 - The Sad Waltz
    (1997)    Duration: 6′   
    No.3 - The Song of Beauty
    (1997)    Duration: 6′   
    No.4 - A Soft Breeze in the Quiescence
    (1997)    Duration: 6′   
    No.5 - A Memory of a Master
    (1997)    Duration: 6′   
    No.6 - The Broken Waves
    (1997)    Duration: 6′   

Op.22 Song
for Soprano and Piano
on a poem by Amal Donkol
(1997)    Duration: 6′   

Op. 23 Symphony No.2
    for Orchestra - 3(pic)3(eh)3(bcl)3(db)/4421/timp/perc (3)/2hrp/str
    in two movements
    (1997)    Duration: 25′   

Op.24 Sonata
    for Violin and Piano
    in three movements
(1997)    Duration: 20′   

Op.25 Hymn
    “I am who crucified You”
for Soprano and Orchestra – 11/3/timp/perc (2)/hrp/pno/sop/str
(1998)    Duration: 10′   

Op.26 Rhapsody
for Piano and String Orchestra
(1998)    Duration: 10′   

Op.27 Small Suite
for Wood Wind Quartet
(1998)    Duration: 16′   

Op.28 Sonata
    for Solo Oboe
(1998)    Duration: 20′   

Op.29 The Christmas Cycle
for Soprano, Flute, Piano, Electric Sounds and Nature Sound effects
in eight parts
(1998)    Duration: 30′   

Op.30 Suite for Small Orchestra
for Orchestra – 11/11/timp/perc (2)/str
(1998)    Duration: 15′   

Op.31 Variations on Masked Theme”
for Oboe, Violin, Violoncello and Piano
(1999)    Duration: 8′   

Op.32 Love Song”
for Oboe, Harp and String Quartet
(1999)    Duration: 6′   

Op.33 Movements
    for Violoncello and Piano
in five movements
    (1999)    Duration: 40′   

Op.34 “Waiting Song”
    Cycle of four short songs for Soprano and Piano
on a poem by Ahmad Abd el Mooty Hegazy
(1999)    Duration: 10′   

Op.35 “An End”
    Aria for Soprano and Piano
on a poem by Ahmad Abd el Mooty Hegazy
(1999)    Duration: 10′   

Op.36 Suite
    on quarter-tone scales
in four movements
for Three Violins
(1999)    Duration: 12′ 

Op.37 “An Elegy of a Man
Aria for Soprano, Clarinet and Piano
on a poem by Osama Abou Taleb
(2000)    Duration: 10′ 

Op.38 Two Lullabies
    for Soprano and Harp
(2000)    Duration: 10′ 

Op.39 Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
for Piano and Orchestra - 3(pic)333/4431/timp/perc (5)/hp/str
in three movements
(2000)    Duration: 45′ 

Op.40 “Vortex”
for four Clarinets
(2000)    Duration: 10′ 

Op.41 “Ages of Sadness and Love”
fifty various work for Solo Piano, Two Hands Piano, Two Pianos and Three Pianos

Op.42 “Traditional Echos”
    Suite for Small Orchestra
in five movements
    (2001)    Duration: 12′ 

Op.43 “The Maze”
Sonatina for Solo Piano
in five movements
    (2001)    Duration: 5′ 

Op.44 “Bom Bom”
for Solo Timpani
    (2001)    Duration: 6′ 

Op.45 “Three Dances for a Dead Mountain”
    for Bass Recorder, Guitar, Violin and Bass
in three movements
    (2001)    Duration: 12′  

Op.46 “Splinters”
    Five Pieces for Orchestra - 3(pic)333/4431/timp/perc (6)/hp/cel/pno/str
(2001)    Duration: 5′ 

Op.47 “Visions”
    No.1 “Blurred Visions”
three pieces for Solo Flute
(2001)    Duration: 12′
    No.2 “Clear Visions”
six pieces for Two Flutists
(2003)    Duration: 10′

Op.48 “The Snow Song”
for Flute, Viola, Marimba and Vibraphone
in three movements
(2001)    Duration: 6′

Op.49 “Kirie Eleyson”
for A Cappella Chorus – SSAATTB
(2002)    Duration: 7′

Op.50 “Beats And Moods”
Fragments for Large Orchestra - 3333/4331/timp/perc (4)/hp/cel/pno/str
(2002)    Duration: 10′

Op.51 “A Girl from Madrid”
Five Romantic Pieces for Guitar
No.1 “Two Horses”
No.2 “Egyptian Dance”
No.3 “Flowers”
No.4 “Temples, Happy People and The Green Vally”
No.5 “Three Nile Waves”
(2003)    Duration: 7′

Op.52 “Between Sword and Love”
    Divertimento for String Quartet
    The Story of the Angry Sultan and The Beautiful Princess
(2003)    Duration: 12

Op.53 “Rotated Cycles”
for 11 Instruments – (fl, cl, bsn, fhn, perc, pno, sop, vln, vla, vc, db)
(2003)    Duration: 14

Op.54 “Transformations” - String Quartet No. 3
    in three movements sliced in seven parts
(2003)    Duration: 16

Op.55 “Romance”
for Viola and Piano
(2003)    Duration: 3

Op.56 “Akhenaten’s Last Papyruses”
Segment I: “Searching for the Real Light”

    in nine movements 
for Solo Accordated Piano
    I Morning Prayer, Prelude
II Aten is Rising, Dance I

III Warmth, Meditations I

IV Nefertiti, Love Song

V Truth Clarity and Amun’s Priests Revolutions, Conflict I

VI Flame, Meditations II

VII Innocent Soul Migration, Elegy

VIII Shining Aten, Dance II

IX Transfigurations,

X Illumination, Meditations III

XI Adieu Thebes,
(2004)    Duration: 30′

Op.57 “Rasoui”    
for Mezzo Soprano, Clarinet, Viola and Piano
Four Pictures on a Coptic Text by the Composer
Translated to Coptic by Emad Sidhom
  I The Solitude Dark Tunnels
II Finding Each Other
III The Dream
IV Immortal Happiness

(2004)    Duration: 15′

Op.58 “Moments in the Rast Mode”
    for Qanoun, Violloncello and Percussions
in four movements
    (2004)    Duration: 12′

Op.59 “Sounds from the West Shore”
in three movements
I Hymn
for Marimba and Double Bass
II Song
for Marimba and Harp
III Dance
for Marimba, Trumpet and Trombone
(2005)    Duration: 12′

Op.60 Octet
for Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn, Trumpet, Harp, Violin, Viola and Violoncello
    in three movements
(2005)    Duration: 12′

Op. 61 Three Glimpses
    for Clarinet, Violin and Violoncello
(2005)    Duration: 3′

Op.62 Coptic Lines
    for String Orchestra
(2005)    Duration: 8′

Op.63 “A Dot in the Beginning
    for Flute, Clarinet, Violin and Violoncello
    Introduction and Double Rondo
    (2005)    Duration: 12′

Op.64 “Areeg
for Clarinet and Ensemble
    in thirteen movements
The Birth of the New Spring
for Three Clarinets
II Rondo I
Bird of Paradise - The Colors of the Morning
for Clarinet and Ensemble   – (fl, ob, fhn, per(2), pno, hp, str)
    III Theme and Variations
A Trip to the light

    for Clarinet and Ensemble   – (fl, hp, str)
    IV Ostinato
 - Flashes
    for Clarinet and Ensemble   – (fl, ob, per(2), pno, hp, db)
   V Shifting Between two Melodies
A Prayer for smooth rain
Clarinet, Solo Violin, Vocals(performed by the rest of the ensemble) and Tam tam
VI Duet I
Orchid – Each leaf telling the story of all the others
    for Clarinet and Piano
 Duet II
    Lily The Story of Discovering New Dimensions

    for Clarinet, Marimba and Vibraphone
    VIII Duet III
Tulip - Declaration of Love
    for Clarinet and Harp
 A Medieval Dance
Tribute to Old Musicians

    for Ensemble   – (fl, ob, cl, fhn, per(4), pno, hp, str)
   X Rondo II
    Rose - A Song of Unexpected Love
    for Clarinet and Ensemble   – (fl, ob, cl, bcl, fhn)
    XI Hetero-phony
    Gladiolus - Together
    for Clarinet and Ensemble   – (fhn, glk, str)
    XII Two Texture Invention
Lights and Shadows
    for Alto Clarinet and Ensemble   – (fl, ob, cl, pno)
    XIII Final
Lotus - A Small Flower in front of the Old Temple
    for Clarinet and Ensemble   – (fl, ob, fhn, timp, perc(1), pno, hp, str)
    (2006)    Duration: 35′

Op.65 “Verses from a Strangled Poem
for String Orchestra
    (2006)    Duration: 10′

Op.66 “An Egyptian Song
    for Violin, Clarinet, Piano and Req
    (2006)    Duration: 5′

Op.67 “The Armenian Album
Seven Pieces for Solo Piano

Op.68 The Ecstasy of Blood
for Solo Bassoon, Strings, Suspended Cymbal, Breaks, Two Bass Drums, Trumpet, Four French Horns, Snare Drum    and Off Stage Singers
    (2006)    Duration: 9”

Op.69 New York Touches
    for Piccolo, Two Flutes, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Two French Horns, Trumpet, Trombone and Five Percussions
    (2006)    Duration: 9”

Op.70 “Gadayel”
Sonata for French Horn and Piano
in three movements

Op.71 “Four Short Pieces”
for French Horn and Piano
    (2007)    Duration: 6′

Op.72 “Kan Ya Ma Kan”
Ballet for Narrator and Small Orchestra – (2(pic)111,111,str)
    (2007)    Duration: 10”

Op.73 “Concertino and Sonatina
for Violoncello and Ensemble (Clarinet, Three French Horns, Tenor Trombone, Piano, Percussionist and Off Stage        Viola)
in five movements
    (2007)    Duration: 17”

Op.74 “Over There” - Poem
    for French Horn, Piano and Small Orchestra – (211, 1, perc(2), cel, str)
(2008)    Duration: 7”

Op.75 “Comments” – String Quartet No. 4
in six movements
An Elegy for A World That wasn’t All Beautiful
II Atlantis, The Day Before The Last
III Awaiting What Will Never Happen
IV Artificial Conflicts
Toward More Isolation And Violence
VI Little Things, Yet Effective
    (2008)    Duration: 10′

Op.76 “A Beautiful Ornament – Four Meditations and a Cermony”
for Oboe (also English Horn), Clarinet (also Bass Clarinet) and Piano
    (2008)    Duration: 10′

Op.77 “Naughty Shapes Diaries
    Instrumental Opera
for Flute, Clarinet, French Horn, Percussion (2), Violin, Viola and Violoncello

Op.78 Symphony No. 4 - “Warm Places For Happiness”
for Large Orchestra – (4221, 423, tmp, perc (6), hp, pno, str (with larger Violoncellos Section that is divided)
    in four movements

Op.79 “Memories From Reincarnated Eden
for Aud, Clarinet, Violin, Viola and Tambourine.
    (2010)    Duration: 6′

Op.80 String Quartet Concerto
for String Quartet and Large Orchestra – (4342, 4331, tmp, perc (5), hp, cel, pno, str)

Op.81 “One in Bits and Pieces”
for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin and Violincello
    (2010)    Duration: 6′

Op.82 “Flusion”
    for Solo Flute
    (2012)    Duration: 5′

Op.83 “Copticum”
    for Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Piano, Violin and Violoncello
    (2012)    Duration: 5′

Op.84 “Love, Joy and Peace”
    Three Meditations
for Clarinet, French Horn, Viola, Double Bass, Percussionist and Off Stage Choir
(2012)    Duration: 6′

Op.85 “Songs for Freedom”
    A Chamber Symphony in three movements
    for (fl, cl, bsn, fhn, perc, pno, 2 vln, vla, vc, db)
(2012)    Duration: 8

Op.86 “A Baby’s Guide to the New World”
    for Piano and 2 Percussion
(2013)    Duration: 6′

Op.87 “Abstract”
    for Violoncello and Piano
in two movements
    (2013)    Duration: 5′

Op.88 “Concertino”
for Clarinet and Ensemble (fl, bsn, fhn, 2perc, vc, db)
    in five movements
    (2013)    Duration: 7′

Op.89 “To Be Announced”
for Double Bass and Ensemble (picc, cl, bsn, fhn, 2perc, db)
    (2013)    Duration: 3′